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We all close on relationships. Lucky to have incredible connections. Here are some of their glowing reviews.

I would not be the orthodontist I am today if Laura were not my treatment coordinator during the last 20 years. Together, we grew the practice, we changed ourselves, constantly improved our skills, we traveled, we lectured, we laughed, we of all...WE MADE A DIFFERENCE. Whether it be the teen getting orthodontics, or the parent of the teen, or the adult getting orthodontics, Laura can motivate that person to want what we know they need better than anyone I have met worldwide. She is a master people person, with great communication skills for the orthodontic and dental practice. She leads with her heart and puts her entire soul into everything she does. Whether you are interested in moving your patients to accept treatment proposals, or your staff to understand and become team players, look no further. Laura Cafik-Martin is the best Ortho TC Coach in the world. She will make your concerns hers, and never let go until the job is done.

Dr. Willy Dayan

I have partnered with Laura for our Align Your Team Immersion Program. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Further, her passion about transforming smiles cannot be found anywhere else. I would highly recommend that any office looking to improve morale and patient experience spend some time learning from Laura.

Dr. David Walt

Laura changed my life! She changed our way of thinking!!!!

Kim Groah Moore, TC Dr. Hammond's Office

(After Coaching with Laura, Kim moved from the office manager role to the TC role with excitement and continues to conquer her consults with confidence and success.)

What Laura teaches offices is truly ground-breaking. To look at Invisalign® clear aligner therapy as the standard of care and how staff should present it to patients is truly remarkable. A lot of the offices do things well, from a braces perspective-yet when they want to dive into Invisalign® treatment they need to do things in a different fashion. Laura will augment what you do and will help take you to the next level. We've seen offices go from 0-100 cases after her coaching. I couldn't recommend anyone more highly than I do Laura. (Cafik-Martin Coaching)

Marc Sullivan, RM Align Technology Inc.

We had just overhauled the TC role and the team were adjusting to consulting with a new doctor. There was a lack of consistency of process and new ones needed to be built leading to low conversion rates.

We had seen Laura present at conferences previously and she came highly recommended from colleagues in the industry. Her structured approach, innovative thinking and positivity was exactly what the team needed.

We know that staff can be resistant to training in a "sales area", but Laura's skills at putting people at ease are second to none.

Andy Yeomans, COO Smile Partners Australia

What was your ROI? Did you achieve a ROI?

We aimed to:

1) increase our conversion rates by at least 50% over the period

2) Ensuring the TCs were left with the right mindset and tools for continued improvement

3) Ensuing the TCs were more engaged with the process by the time we finished than when we started.

We have achieved our targeted ROI.

Her coaching sessions and webinars have provided me a safe atmosphere where I feel I am not alone in this experience but rather with someone who genuinely wants to better me and my practice.

Dr. Immilia Eka

Laura has shaped me into the successful treatment coordinator I am today.

Brittney Riall, TC

Laura is inspirational, a leader, a mentor, a positive person that people are drawn to. Her energy and laughter are contagious. She is captivating...engaging...if you can’t learn from her passion you are simply in the wrong profession.

Shannon Bower, National Account Manager Procom

6 years speaking at Align Technology, Inc.!?! The impact you made I thought it has been 20! That is an honest reflection of what it is you do.

Dr. Bart Iwasiuk

Laura, thank you for providing me the opportunity to grow, learn and blossom like flowers. Attending your 2-day AYT Toronto immersion program was exactly what I needed. This time with you was meaningful in so many different aspect in my life!

Mikaela Jean, TC

After 8 years and attending many meetings and educational courses I feel I have seen most of the big names in this space. I believe Laura Cafik-Martin is currently the best in the world. Laura originally trained under Dr. Willy Dayan-giving her incredible insight into one of the highest functioning Doctor/TC dynamics and practices in the world.

Catherine Howarth, COO TIO