Laura Cafik Martin

Aligner Orthodontic Coaching

Laura Cafik Martin

Laura Cafik-Martin is a Master Treatment Coordinator, Speaker, Coach, and Practice Management Consultant. Prior to launching Cafik-Martin Coaching, Laura worked as a Treatment Coordinator with Dr. Willy Dayan for 15 years at City Orthodontics in Toronto. The two collaborated and developed a unique communication and presentation style that exceeded the industries expectations. In 2014, Laura joined Orthodontic Clinical Education Corp. (OCEC) attending orthodontic meetings, presenting at industry conferences to educate and motivate teams. Laura quickly became recognized for her effective an enthusiastic teaching methods and started visiting orthodontic clinics to help grow teams bottom line.

Laura brings 20+ years of experience in multiple disciplines in the dental and orthodontic fields. In addition to possessing motivational skills and techniques that improve team synergy, patient experience and creating increased referral flow, Laura is HARP certified and highly knowledgeable in iTero, digital scanning, and dental photography. Her business acumen combined with her motivational skills and techniques has led to her success as a results-oriented mentor in all aspects of the orthodontic practice.

Once staff start looking at their positions differently and start understanding the real impact they can make, it’s a game changer for the growth of their practice and their ability to help patients want treatment.

Experienced orthodontic treatment coordinator/public speaker with vast Invisalign product knowledge along with a superior understanding of orthodontic biomechanics. Strong business acumen with the ability to coach teams on maximizing sales opportunities. Outstanding people and communication skills that challenge and motivate teams and practices to overcome orthodontic objections, increase production and grow every aspect of their business. Motivational skills and techniques that improve team synergy, patient experience and create increased referral flow. HARP certified, iTero, digital scanning, and dental photography.